Jose A. Guridi

Ph.D. Student in Information Science, Cornell University

About me

I am a Chilean Ph.D. student in Information Science at Cornell University. My research interests are about how the coevolution of technology and people influence each other when creating and updating governance, how technology governance is built through collective action, and how groups that are usually marginalized (both at an individual and country level) can be part of technological development. Today I have projects related to Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality.

My advisor is Cristobal Cheyre.

Before arriving at Cornell, I worked at the Chilean Government, where I led the creation of the Chilean AI policy and participated in multiple technology-related initiatives. I hold a M.Sc. and B.A. in System Engineering from Pontificia Universidad Católica, Chile. My M.Sc. advisor was Julio Pertuze.

I love mountaineering, reading (especially science fiction and fantasy), and playing the bagpipe.

I'm also starting a Startup to help think and construct the future through collective action: Foresight


Jose A. Guridi

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